Web design & development process

  1. You have decided that you need a website built for you.
  2. Website structure and quote:
    You should consider what you need the website to do for you and what the general page structure will be. Freshweb will provide you with a quote based on your requirements.
  3. Confirmation:
    Once you have decided to use FreshWeb to build your website you need to confirm in writing that you would like to proceed. Kindly send us confirmation of payment for your deposit.
  4. Compile website content:
    You will send all of your website content to Freshweb. This includes the text for all of the pages, a copy of your logo, all images and any other specifications. At this stage we will confirm the structure of your website and any layout requirements. It also helps our designers if you specify any design preferences or give examples of the type of website that you are looking for.
  5. Website design:
    We will provide you with design drafts of your website. You can send us 3 sets of changes on the chosen design so that you are happy with all of the elements of your website.
  6. Website coding:
    Once the design and layout of the website has been confirmed, we will start building your website and set up any necessary databases.
  7. Put website online:
    We will build the website on our systems initially and then transfer it to your domain with your hosting company once complete.
  8. Website maintenance:
    Once your website is up and running you may need to update it from time to time. If you have a static HTML website then we can edit the code for you or convert it to a CMS. If you have a CMS website then you will easily be able to manage your content anywhere and any time you like.
  9. Website redesign:
    If you feel that your website has been the same for too long and needs a facelift then we can update the design of your website and rebuild it.

Getting started with your website - what you need

Before you can put your website online, you will need the following:

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the website address that users type in to find you (e.g. You will be charged an initial domain name registration fee and an annual renewal fee. The cost depends on the extension ( / .com / .net etc). Your hosting company or your website development company may include initial domain name registration for free when you place your order. Freshweb includes registration of your domain name with your website development.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a fee charged for storing and connecting your website to the internet. A hosting company physically stores the files of your website on their server hard drives. They make your website available on the internet and redirect internet users who type in your domain name ( to the relevant files on the server. Hosting costs vary depending on the size of your site, the amount of traffic to your site and features such as database support.

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