Why should I get a website?

A website is an important marketing tool that adds value to your company.

Get found – If your clients are online, you should be too. These days it is almost essential for a company to have a website. More and more people are searching for services online. If you are not online, you could be missing out – your competitors who have an online presence will be getting all your business.

Reduce marketing costs – Having a website will allow you to reduce the amount of brochure printing you need to do. This will save you the expense of printing and distribution. All the information that you want potential clients to have will be readily available to them at any time on your website.

Improve customer confidence – Your clients want to find you online. They often feel safer dealing with a company that has a website as they feel that they know the company better. Potential customers who have heard of your company may want to do more research to find out if you are the right company for them. If you have a website they can find the information they are looking for and contact you immediately.

Expand your client base – Being online makes it much easier for potential customers to find you. Your website will reach people that you haven't been able to get to before.

Improve quality of enquiries – With the correct SEO on your website you will also be able reach your target market more efficiently. Your website will be found by people that require your services or products – instead of handing out flyers randomly and hoping that some of the people will require your services.

Decrease sales staff repitition – Your website gives clients information. You might find that you are getting the same questions from customers over and over again. By putting the answers to these questions on your website, your staff won't need to continually repeat themselves. You can also eliminate enquiries from people who are looking for something that you don't offer.

Be available – Whether you have an enquiry form on your website or have a full e-commerce site, customers can visit your website at any time. Your sales staff don't need to be available in order for you to receive enquiries.

How do I get a website?


Consider what you want your website to do for you. Decide what pages and features you require. For example you want to have an online product catalogue, an up-to-date news page and online payment facilities.


We will go through your requirements and send you a detailed quote.


We will make custom design drafts for you, based on the type of website that you need for your business. We will adjust the design until you are completely satisfied.


When you have chosen your design we can start to build your website. We will develop your website according to the design file, making a functioning website with all of the features you require.


Once the website has been built and tested we will transfer it to your hosting company and make it live.


You can update your website with current information as required. With a CMS system you will able to log in to easily and instantly update your website content. Without CMS we will do updates for you upon request (price varies according to type of changes).

How can Freshweb help me?

The websites designed and developed by us are user-friendly with website usability for maximum effectiveness.

Whether you need a website designed for the first time, need a website redesign or want to add to your existing website, our website developers will do the right job for you.

Our custom-built content management systems are designed to be easy-to-use so that anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily maintain their website content.

We include basic search engine optimisation (SEO) in your website development so that your company can be found more easily the internet. We also offer options for further SEO analysis and implementation.